Monday 4-9-2012

Workout Monday 4-9-2012

Theme: HabitatFit Workout


30 sec samson (L)

30 sec samson (R)

30 sec squats

30 sec lunges (left leg)

30 sec lunges (right leg)

30 sec push-ups

30 sec plank

30 sec mountain climbers


You can get it done in anyway in any order just

get it done

For time

100 Squats

100 Push Ups

100 Walking Lunges (total)

100 Squat Thrust

30 minute Cut off time

When finished

3 Rounds of

20 Squat Press

20 Alt Lunge with Lateral raise

20 Dips

20 Reverse Fly

If time

50 Single Leg DB Deadlift (25 each leg)

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